We are all Spiritual Beings living a Physical Experience.

Connect your Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul to reveal the Best You!


Holly Poole

Astrologer · Healtheologist · Spiritual Coach

Have you ever looked in a mirror intently and wondered...

“Who am I?”

“What is my purpose in life?”

“Where am I in my evolutionary growth?”

“Am I on the right track?”

“Why does life feel so awry?”

You may not have received the answer. But Holly can easily answer those questions for you. They all show up in your blueprint for this lifetime known as the Natal Astrological Chart.

Holly is a unique astrologer as she interweaves ancient metaphysics with the scientific world of astrology. We all come to evolve – and Holly feels it's her service to humanity to help individuals do just that. Clients have commented, "It feels like you just reached right into my being and introduced me to my Soul!"

Receive clear guidance of not only this lifetime’s pathway but also the gifts and challenges you have brought with you from other lifetimes. The Soul you have today is the same Soul that began way back, sometimes 200-500 lifetimes ago. Your job as a Seeker is to find ways to interact with each lesson and to understand the timing of when those lessons will appear.

Holly is like an architect of metaphysics, with the ability to read and share your initial blueprint as you came into this lifetime. She can also advise you on how best to navigate those lessons. Timing is a true key!

"Over the years you have taught me so much. Every time life gets difficult, I’ve learned from you to step back and ask, 'What’s the lesson?' Thank you so much for everything that you do."
– Adrianna S

Combining her astrology, metaphysical & healtheological background, Holly can help you to maintain your life by working with your energy vibrational field. She will give you guidance on how to maintain your 4 Pillars of Heath: Spiritual, Mental, Physical & Emotional. Combine all of those influences shared with you and you are well on your way to a happy-balanced life!

So let's come back to the first question...

“Who are you?"

Is it time to take command of your destiny instead of meandering through life without a plan?

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