Amethyst: The Stone of the Gods

HP-Amethyst (1)

I’ve associated the gemstone of Amethyst with the Astrological sign of Aquarius. The choice of amethyst would be those of the deepest and darkest hues as they work specifically with the subconscious.

As we know, with the sign of Aquarius, they are generally 5 years ahead of their time in their thought process and without often knowing it, a lot of their information is totally being pulled directly from the subconscious mind. Also, because of this, Amethyst teaches us the importance of really being connected directly to our own truth – so it’s known as a very ‘spiritual stone’ – revealing our personal truth!

When doing Chakra work, the Amethyst is often connected with the Crown Chakra – the connection directly to the divine.

Hence my name of “The Stone of the Gods” which allows for divine connection as it constantly monitors the lessons being brought directly to the Soul.

During my classes about getting in touch with your inner Soul OR connecting to your inner psychic, I will ask that students bring a personal amethyst to class (or Amazonite works well for psychic endeavor too). But I really like Amethyst as it gently takes us to the outer-worldly realms.

This, in turn, teaches us about animal communication. Sitting quietly with an amethyst in your hand, allow yourself to connect with the animal kingdom. Amethyst will transfer their thoughts directly to you for further communication.

Our conscious minds have full limitations – but our subconscious is ‘limitless’.

Hence the connection to Amethyst. If you are working on your psychic/intuitive self, I highly recommend wearing your amethyst ring/necklace for 6-8 hours per day as this is an excellent way to introduce yourself to your subconscious mind.

Very seldom do I suggest sleeping with a gemstone – the vibrational pull will often keep us awake. However, there are 2 gemstones which I’m okay with if you choose to have under your pillow, or on your nightstand. One is amethyst, the other is rose quartz. All other gemstones should never be near your sleeping area.

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