Aquamarine: The Stone of Courage


I’ve associated Aquamarine with the astrological sign of Pisces for numerous reasons. As you can see, Aquamarine almost looks like it’s ‘plastic’ – that’s because it comes from a group of gemstones referred to as Beryl.

But you must admit, even by looking at it, there is a calming and soothing quality to it – so it’s great in helping to soothe people dealing with pain and grief. And because Pisces individuals are so intuitive, they often take on the pain of others, without even realizing they are doing so. Aquamarine works directly on the ‘emotional’ level of the chakra system and can be used to help heal trauma in the brain tissues. And yes, even though the appearance can look like plastic, it holds a high vibration connected with blue-ray energy.

One of the things people often ask me when dealing with gemstones is – “Does size matter when transmitting energy?” In the case of Aquamarine, the answer is yes, the larger the piece, the greater the energy flow. And I often suggest that working with this gemstone gradually is the better way to go. This is a high-powered gemstone and can often overwhelm the ‘wearer’ or ‘user’. If this happens, put it away for a little bit and bring it back out, once you feel that your energy has re-balanced.

In the cleansing of gemstones, I often suggest using dry salt, washing and then sitting in the sun. This is definitely a ‘no-no’ when using Aquamarine as the Sun will make it fade of color and vibration. So, to cleanse, wash it in warm soapy water, rinse and allow It to dry on its own.

Because it works on the emotional level of the chakra system, this gemstone can be used to clear the entire aura of any negative energies.

It also works best with the brain tissues and allows for greater mental activity. As we know with Pisces, they are amazing artisans and I highly recommend that to increase their artistic ability – to expand their way of channeling down information to help with their artistic ability – working with Aquamarine can help immensely. This of course can work with any astrological sign that is looking to expand their creative side.

Working on the mental/emotional part of the brain, it will allow for a balancing of the left side of the brain (intuitive side) with the abilities of the right side of the brain (mental activities). This is another reason why I chose this gemstone for Pisces, as their glyph is fish swimming in 2 separate directions – this gemstone will help to balance out this imbalance.

Allow Aquamarine gemstone to calm that mind and bring in that sense of peace to complete your life’s mission!

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