Curried Chicken and Broccoli Salad

Curried Chicken and Broccoli Salad

Jazzing up bland chicken can be so fun… and what better way to do it than with curry? The amount of curry can be according to your particular taste in this recipe! 3 cups pulled … Read more

Amethyst: The Stone of the Gods

I’ve associated the gemstone of Amethyst with the Astrological sign of Aquarius. The choice of amethyst would be those of the deepest and darkest hues as they work specifically with the subconscious. As we know, … Read more


Garnet: The Stone of Worth

I’ve chosen this gemstone to be connected with the sign of Capricorn – so if you have your Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Capricorn, this gemstone should be a part of your life. Garnet has … Read more

The Importance of Play in Your Life

Remember, as a kid, the days when we hid in the woods and thought we were the next great explorer? Remember the wonderful feeling of seeing “new kittens” or a baby bird in a nest? … Read more

Gift Giving According to your Astrological Sign

Got a friend, family member, or that hard-to-buy-for individual in your life? Ask what their Sun sign is… and you’ll be right on track!!! Let’s have some fun in suggesting some best gifts for our … Read more

pepper plant

A Lesson from the Pepper

Let me share a personal story with you that can help us to look forward… This spring a friend gave me the starting of a very spindly pepper plant. As a matter of fact, we … Read more


Choose To Be a Dragonfly Throughout Life

How many of us are fully entranced by the beauty of the dragonfly? The subtlety of the wings brings forth many “ohhhs” and “awwws” as we watch it fly around. Yet, did you know that … Read more

Opposites Attract… Or Do They?

Aries – – Libra Taurus – – Scorpio Gemini – – Sagittarius Leo – – Aquarius Virgo – – Pisces Have you ever noticed that some of your best friends are your ‘opposites’? Sometimes our … Read more

Your Astrological Gift to the World

Let’s start this writing off by saying that every single person has a gift they can offer to the world. Individuals have chosen to come and live during this time in society and so because … Read more

sad face drawn on wet window pane

Coping with the Sadness of Others

“You don’t drown by falling into the water but by staying there.” – unknown There is always sorrow in the world but there is also joy. It’s okay sometimes to be sorry for self – … Read more


Focusing On Our Strengths!

Sometimes when I work with clients, I hear them say, “I’m so afraid to do that because of fear of failure!” I question, “Are you SURE it’s the fear of failure?” “Oh, yes,” they say. … Read more

Does It Truly Matter Where You Live?

Relocational Astrology teaches us that where we live can indeed affect a lot of things within our life. It can affect our careers. It can affect family life. It can affect our lives. It can … Read more

baby princess

Predicting the Future for Princess Charlotte

I was delighted to be featured in this article – Can we predict the future for Princess Charlotte? – by Amberly McAteer in The Globe & Mail after the birth of Princess Charlotte in May … Read more


The Sign from Sam

I can clearly say that August 17th, 2011 was one of the saddest days of my life. It’s amazing how your head tells you ‘logically’ it’s the right thing to do – – yet in … Read more

Sam the cat

The Amazing Cat Known as Samson Nathaniel Obadiah Poole

Samson (Sam for short) came to us shortly after we lost our Maine Coon cat named Casey so I will start with Casey because I have always believed that Casey sent Sam to us. Casey … Read more