Can We Change Destiny?

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What brought this muse to mind was this picture:

So, if indeed the writer of this is correct, what happens with the word ‘destiny’ or indeed is there any such thing as destiny?

Is destiny simply a figment of our imagination, something to strive for that doesn’t even exist?

  • Are we destined to be a Teacher/Doctor/Judge?
  • Are we destined to live in Europe/Asia/Canada?
  • Are we destined to meet Mr/Mrs Right?
  • Are we destined to have 5 kids?

Are we striving for something that will never happen? Or striving for something that is never attainable? Interesting thoughts.

Here is my take on the situation:

  • “Nothing in life is set in stone.” I agree… and I disagree to a point.
  • “You are free to change it at will.” Again, I agree and disagree.

No, I’m not running for politics! I believe parts of these statements to be true but I can’t entirely agree with the whole statement. Let me explain.

I believe that our life resembles a play… and the Universe changes scenes to present lessons as per our personal instructions before coming to life. I believe we choose many lessons before coming to earth. These lessons can help us evolve into becoming better individuals.

With that thought in mind, we realize that our astrological chart details each one of those lessons. It details each one of those contracts we have written with others to play a part in the lesson.

As we grow, and hopefully mature, these lessons roll around intermittently. Sometimes the same lesson must come around 5-6 times before we understand the lesson. Sometimes the lesson can show up once and if we are consciously aware that a lesson is being presented to us, we can identify it and then move on. ONE more lesson checked off the list.

Do I think we ever get ALL the lessons? That might be a bit ambitious but not impossible. I do see people’s charts that indicate they are not bringing old lessons back into this lifetime. This lifetime is a brand new start on brand new lessons.

When we must go back over old lessons, it can be quite uncomfortable for us. The Universe wants to ensure that we finally get it in THIS lifetime! How can we evolve as a human race when we use ‘avoidance’ of the lessons?

So let’s say right now in your personal chart, Jupiter (planet of expansion) is coming to line up with your Moon (emotions). This brings in a time of extreme emotions. (We all experience this in 12-year increments.)

I believe that before coming to earth we make contracts with the various people around us to help us go through these lessons. Anyone having a lot of planets in Taurus is dealing with this Jupiter! We are learning how to expand by using our sense of security. The house these Taurus planets are in will determine what part of life is being affected for you.

This is where the explanation becomes a little harder to explain. Your evolution – spirituality – will determine how the lessons will come toward you. (Hence my hesitation to fully agree.)

“Nothing about your life is set in stone.”

Agree: because it depends on Free Will and how evolved you are CHOOSING to become.

Disagree: It is set in stone that Jupiter WILL play a huge part in your evolution. Jupiter IS affecting all of us! Because it is going through an earth sign, it creates emotional outbursts or concerns. Going through the sign of Taurus will give us concerns over Security, Work Relationships, Financial Decisions, Diet/Digestion, and Home Life because that is what the sign of Taurus entails!

Using this same scenario, let’s say that in your earlier days, you got the lesson about dealing with emotional upsets around relationships. You already got that lesson; no point in the Universe bringing it to you again. Or you already have learned the lesson around job loss; no point in working on that again. So, this time the Universe may present the lesson of emotional upset over family issues. Every lesson brings us closer to our Evolution.

This is often the difficulty with online, print-at-will astrology charts. They ONLY would be dealing with Jupiter connecting to the Moon without looking at the chart as a whole – only a personal astrologer would be able to relate it to your evolutionary journey! Many things are indicated in a chart when we are dealing with an issue. I’ve taught my students not to look in one place; if it’s a big deal, it will be found in many ways within the chart. AND I also believe the answer to HOW to deal with it is also found within the chart. It’s extremely important to know the lesson you are presently working on and whether it is a past-life lesson!

“You are free to change it at will.”

Disagree: I don’t believe you have the power to change it at will.

Agree: But I believe you have the power to change how you view it and with that comes empowerment. With that also comes the ability and skills of how to best work with a situation.

Upon discussion during a chart reading, I often hear clients say: “I never looked at it like that.” This is why we need other people (who are not emotionally involved) to talk to. People who are romantically or emotionally involved cannot give you objective feedback. It’s a human condition; they will tell you exactly what they believe will make you feel better. Who among our friends does not want us to feel better? Or to help in some way?

The Destiny of a Love Interest

Will this person who is pre-set to cross your path, actually cross your path? Absolutely! I believe we set up all of those contracts before coming to earth. And I believe it will be within a specified period as shown in the astrological chart. Sometimes our charts show we can make this happen within 3 years. Universe generally gives us lots of time to be prepared.

The lesson you are presently learning will determine whether you even see that person! Just because the person crosses our path, doesn’t mean (free will) that we even notice them. Every person who crosses our path has a message for us. Sometimes we push that person away because we don’t like the way they look or dress, or something else about their situation. When we become more evolved as humans, we see beyond the exterior of an individual, and we look beneath the surface which is not always noticeable at the first meeting. Each astrological chart shows the face we show the world… which is often in direct opposition to who we truly are on the inside. This is known as the Ascendant or Rising Sign.

Does destiny say I have to marry this individual? No, I think that is where we come into the “free to change it at will” part. And perhaps the other person isn’t as evolved as you are, which also means there wouldn’t be a good match. But I STILL believe the person WILL cross your path. Had you met that person before you became enlightened, you may have been very attracted but look at the heartache it may have caused! People need to be on the same level of enlightenment, otherwise lessons and trouble ensue.

Now, I’m going to backtrack a little on what I said in the previous paragraph. I believe that IF that romantic interest has made a contract to have children with you (this contract being made before coming to earth), then I believe you become a family for however long the contract is written.

Let us assume you are female and the father may have a huge contract with an upcoming child… hence that is what made you a family. It may mean that Dad leaves the family unit within 10 years (as that is the length of the contract). But if he has a contract and past-life lesson with the child, you may see that relationship strained and a lot of lessons to be learned. Do I believe that you can change the fact of becoming a family? No, I truly believe that is pre-written… and pre-destined. In my world, that cannot be changed otherwise how would the child have connected with this individual? Everyone within our family unit has lived a previous life with us somewhere.

The Destiny of Your Work

Do I truly believe that is set in stone? Not really. Our charts certainly do show where we fit best. And if you think back to when you were a child, what you wanted to do when you were little is probably where you truly best fit. This is the skill sets that you brought forward from another lifetime. If you felt you wanted to be a teacher in this lifetime, perhaps that was your lifetime just previous to this one.

When doing astrology readings, I often talk to people where they best fit in the vocational world and have heard said: “I thought about that when looking at University but I thought that would take too long to achieve.” However, if they look at what they chose in the end, they could easily see that it’s kind of doing the same thing, just in a different format.

  • People with lots of Water in their charts are often in the healthcare field.
  • People with lots of Fire in their charts are often in high stimulating jobs, such as sports, military, or sales.
  • People with lots of Air in their charts often find themselves in the teaching realm or public relations.
  • People with lots of Earth in their charts may find themselves in the banking, fabric, or retail world.

When we are in a job where we are extremely miserable, I believe we have not totally looked at where we best fit. Somewhere there is a misfit. Again, this can often be classed as a life lesson.

What’s in Your Chart?

I have been reading Astrology Charts now for 40+ years and I have found that too much alignment to believe that life is totally by chance.

The first time I meet a new client, we review their history and I will give them past dates to show what lessons were involved at certain times within their life. IF it had not been pre-written, how would I be able to see this?

In subsequent yearly appointments, we completely look forward; we’ve already built the foundation so there is no point in looking back. The first appointment helps us build a foundation, understand how astrology works, and understand ourselves as individuals. Plus, it helps us to identify the actual lessons pre-built within the chart so that we can become aware of upcoming situations and dynamics which identify lessons in full.

It is my belief that there are many things within our lives that indeed are pre-destined. But what we wish to do as a result is entirely up to us. Every time the planets make a move, it affects our charts indepth. And as we know, the planets are constantly moving and creating a new scene in our lives.

Are you prepared for the next move? I view life as a game of chess; astrology charts give you a view of the moves ahead. This can help you prepare! It may entail a job move, a family move, or even a life-changing move. Many times when I mention an upcoming shift, people will say: “No, that will never happen.” And then when I see them the following year, they will confirm that indeed it did happen… but not exactly as they were expecting.

You don’t want destiny shouting “Checkmate” without at least a chance to plan some of your own personal strategy. Book your reading here.

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