Choose To Be a Dragonfly Throughout Life


How many of us are fully entranced by the beauty of the dragonfly? The subtlety of the wings brings forth many “ohhhs” and “awwws” as we watch it fly around.

Yet, did you know that as a ‘baby’ it is a remarkably unattractive insect whose gills force it to live in water for one to five years? Twelve or more times it sheds its skin; each time it remains water-bound.

Eventually, it crawls from the muddy water to the top of a reed or up on a rock. At last, after the final shedding, emerging with a long slender body and gauze-like, iridescent wings, it is the beautiful dragonfly. Because of this transformation, a whole new lifestyle is now possible. It breathes air, feels the sun’s warmth and flies! But… was it any less of this beauty as it struggled to come to the surface of life and be free?

This graceful flyer comes from the ugliest of bugs. Repeatedly it shuffles off the outer layer that is no longer appropriate. It then needs to pull itself out of the mud and water to new life. Unless it does, it cannot use the power within. Had it tried to cling to the old limitations, if it refused growth and change, if it had waited for someone else to free it, it would never have emerged to fulfill the promise of its birth.

Unless we remove ourselves from inappropriate past programming that keeps us mud-bound and water-logged – unless we lay claim to the creative Life Force within – we cannot fly free.

So many of us live with guilt about various things. We live with guilt and we constantly “should” on ourselves. “I SHOULD do this….” And “I SHOULD do that…..” Every time we use that wording, we are only pushing ourselves further and further into that mud.

Sometimes humans can be their own worst enemy.

The wording that we use about ourselves, the way we treat ourselves, and also the choices that we make can often be very self-defeating. And then we wonder why others refuse to treat us with respect. Do WE treat ourselves with respect?

When we are in a funk – as I usually call it – we often need other people to help us out. But first and foremost, we have to WANT to get out. Sometimes it is just too easy to live in that mud. Unfortunately, being in the mud doesn’t allow for anything more than simple existence.

Are you willing to just exist?

There is not one person in the world that can help unless you make that first step and want to become that beautiful dragonfly. Sometimes this will mean choosing to let go of past hurts. It means choosing to let go of past words. It means choosing to see the positive versus the negative.

It’s all in the training of the mind. The mind must understand the need to change first… and the body will follow behind with that understanding.

How often do you hear yourself say or think… ?

  • I forgot to pick up the laundry. What a klutz!
  • I really put my foot in that one. How could I be so stupid?
  • I left the car lights on – Dunce! Will you never learn?
  • How terrible of me to have thought about not going?
  • My body and mind are breaking down on me. I’ll never be well!

Our thoughts are so very powerful and often control our actions AND our health. Those words above denote helplessness – that you are headed into a world of misery without any power or any control.

You HAVE control.

Perhaps you need someone to help you realize just how much control you really do have over life. Don’t GIVE UP! There is a solution to EVERY problem.

You CAN become that dragonfly. Should you choose to remain the bug, remember that is YOUR choice. But you have JUST as much of a chance to become that dragonfly. Choose to have beautiful iridescent wings and fly. Choose to make that journey from the waterlogged stream to the air to be free.

Become that beautiful dragonfly that you have come to be!