Coping with the Sadness of Others

sad face drawn on wet window pane

“You don’t drown by falling into the water but by staying there.” – unknown

There is always sorrow in the world but there is also joy. It’s okay sometimes to be sorry for self – I think that’s called “being human” – OR to allow your heart to go out to someone who is in need. But somewhere along the way, we HAVE to pull ourselves out of that mindset.

When I’m feeling overwhelming sadness, my first thing to ask is, “Why? In my life, do I have something to be sad about?”

If the answer is “yes,” then I sit with it, allowing myself to feel that sadness. And then decide how long I’m going to ‘allow’ myself to sit with that sadness. I also question if there’s something I can do to fix that sadness rather than dwell on loss.

Perhaps the sadness I’m feeling comes from being tuned into someone else’s sadness. If it appears to come from someone else’s sadness, perhaps I can dwell on how lucky I’ve been even to KNOW that person in my life – the fun times we had together – and look at the joy that person brought to my life. I envision wrapping my arms around them and giving them a BIG hug!! And then I ask the Angels to help them get through the situation they are presently dealing with which is causing this sadness. I now don’t need to dwell on it – the Angels are pretty capable of handling it. AND my dwelling in the sadness is not helping them in any way. I’ve done what I could (hugged them and asked the angels to attend); time to move along.

Let’s not stay in that water of emotions. Let’s work with our emotions and find a way to begin the joyful practice. Often it’s about turning our attention to ‘gratitude’.