Emerald: The Stone of Reverence


I’ve assigned the Emerald to the astrological sign of Taurus. Why? Because Taurus loves to have ‘possessions’. Not only are they attracted to ‘things’ but they also need them to be beautiful and expensive things! If you gave $100 to some astrological signs, they would buy four $25 things or 5 $20 things – not a Taurus. They will spend their $100 on the ONE precious thing! And we know that the hardness of a diamond is one of THE hardest gems on earth. But did you also know that Emerald holds that same strength? So, we all should find a great reverence when admiring Emeralds.

Emeralds bring us down to earth.

We become very grounded when close to this gemstone as it teaches us respect for all creation. It takes us out of our earthly mindset and asks us to step into our world of spirituality. Emeralds take us deep within our Soul to recognize that beauty and love are absolutely possible on this Earth Plane we live on.

Because the ‘Green Ray’ energy is about ‘enhancing growth’, when we stare into the depths of the Emerald we feel love grow within us. This brings in the ever-ready reverence to all things – even the mundaneness of life.

Our Soul wishes to live our life authentically and Emerald permits you to “be you”. Nobody else can be you but you can be you! Staring into an Emerald allows us to have a deeper connection mentally and will help to clear out any of the imbalances that are going on within our body.

Just like I caution “Hypertension” people to abstain from wearing or using Red gemstones, I also ask that people who are having an issue with growths of any kind, i.e. cancer patients, to abstain from wearing and using green gemstones – once again because it promotes growth.

Many years ago, when I broke my foot, I immediately reached for my Emerald gemstone jewellery to help mend back the broken parts of the foot. I was told my foot would be in a cast for 6-8 weeks (I had quite an extensive break). But I was back in shoes and no sign of the breakage within 4 weeks. Emerald, being the greatest of the Green Stone vibrations, holds the highest vibratory output. And because of this vibrational rating, it can raise your own personal vibration.

Emerald will reach into the body to find any disharmony within the system.

Once the disharmony is dispersed on the physical level, it will begin to work on the root cause of the physical conditional. Every illness starts at a root cause before it becomes a physical condition – Emerald looks for this root cause.

As we know, in the chakra system, they often will show the Heart Chakra with either a pink or green colour coding. This is essentially why Emerald goes right to the heart chakra first to identify within the heart/body what appears to be out of harmony with how one wishes to live. Emerald helps us to find the optimal conditions and then proceeds to help clear out what is keeping our Soul from evolving.

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