Garnet: The Stone of Worth


I’ve chosen this gemstone to be connected with the sign of Capricorn – so if you have your Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Capricorn, this gemstone should be a part of your life.

Garnet has been known to help people with a feeling of unworthiness.

Holding the stone when going to a job interview or a family discussion allows the wearer (holder) to feel that inner sense of worth. Capricorn individuals are so business-like that often they forget to check in with their emotional selves. Garnet helps one stand up for oneself. It allows for a huge expansion of one’s mindset and so it’s an excellent stone when working on the lesson of manifestation, which again can be tied to worthiness. Am I ‘worthy’ enough to find love? Am I ‘worthy’ enough to hold that high position of leadership?

Sometimes when we are feeling non-motivated, if we really dig deep, it is simply a feeling of just not worth it because “I won’t get it anyway” (which again is a lesson in worthiness). Garnet helps to dig down into the inner emotional core of the body area that carries bad feelings, perhaps aroused from childhood memories or the opinions of others: not good enough, not smart enough, not cute enough! Allow the Garnet store to reverse that thought and memory… because for every thought, we need an exact opposite thought to cancel it out. Gather the strength from the gemstone in your hand and say, “Of course, I’m good enough!! Of course, I’m worthy enough!”

The garnet stone can extract the negative energy from the chakra system and transform it into a beneficial mindset.

Always remember – we are NOT our behaviors. Behaviors are learned and CAN be changed! I don’t agree with “That’s the way I always used to do it, so I must continue!” My answer is “No, we used to always burn candles for light way back when. We’ve changed that behavior and now use light bulbs! Life is about choice!”

Even though Garnet is of red-ray energy, it also carries a bit of the blue ray energy. Hence it’s not as harsh as a Ruby, which has an extremely intense energy, and I’ve assigned the Ruby to the Aries energy field.

Garnet has come to teach us that mistakes are only stepping stones which we can use to step our way to success.

I only use red-ray energy gemstones on people who are not subject to high-blood pressure. Red-ray energy will increase blood pressure so it’s great for people who suffer from low blood pressure. Garnet can be used on the heart chakra as it helps one become aware of constrictions of old programming. It will light one’s internal fire as it carries a ‘driving force’ energy.

I will often suggest Garnet to someone who is fighting addictions because I believe addictions are often a symptom of a much larger issue. Often the issue can be about worthiness. Garnet asks us to face who we are – and to recognize we ALL come with hidden agendas which can keep us stuck. Sometimes the hidden agendas are soooo hidden, we hide them from ourselves which then brings on self-sabotage.

Allow Garnet to be your friend as it will teach you self-esteem. Set your mind to positive change, hold the garnet close, and let it guide you towards the path that will work best for you!

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