Gemstones & Crystals

Love is in the Earth

As the Earth evolves into new world energy, getting in sync with the vibes of our crystals and gemstones has never been so vital.

It's natural for our Soul’s vibration to want to hold and use the available energies around us. How many of us are drawn to the colours, frequencies, vibrations, and energy pulls of the various crystals? Some of us may be more drawn to Clear Quartz, others to Agates, or others to Aquamarine – why the difference?

In this workshop, learn how to:

  • properly care for crystals
  • use the crystals
  • draw energy with the crystals
  • choose which ones to use when

Sometimes we need the crystals to ‘draw’ energy whereas other times we need the crystals to push forth the energy – how can we choose the best ones for the various vibrations we need?

Learn how to watch for the various changes that occur in our crystals and what that means for our evolution! Did you also know that the crystals can ‘grow’ within your own home when placed in a proper location?

This workshop is packed with useful tips and knowledge. Trust me, you’ll never look at Gemstones and Crystals the same way again. This is one workshop you will want to attend!

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