Gift Giving According to your Astrological Sign

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Got a friend, family member, or that hard-to-buy-for individual in your life? Ask what their Sun sign is… and you’ll be right on track!!! Let’s have some fun in suggesting some best gifts for our peeps.

Your ARIES pal likes to be the first one out of the gate. Being that first sign in the horoscope, they want to be first in everything! Their astrological sign is connected to the planet Mars which holds the colour hue of Red. So whatever it is, make it RED! How about a gift certificate for you and them to try out a completely different type of restaurant than what they normally would do? They love NEW adventures! Even an axe-throwing venture would be fun!

Your TAURUS pal likes the finer things in life. Anything silk and/or satin would be a great gift for this astrological sign. Fine chocolate to melt in their mouth. Make sure it’s expensive though as only the finest of chocolate enters the mouth of a Taurus! Their astrological sign is connected to the planet Venus which holds many colours but for the Taurus it’s green. Make the silk pyjamas or boxers a vibrant green along with some fine chocolates and they’ll love you forever!

Your GEMINI pal is the communicator/talker in life so how about a new Yeti microphone for their Zoom calls? They can certainly hold more than one conversation at a time. Their astrological sign is connected to the planet of Mercury which holds golden-yellow and earthy brown colours. So be sure to give tiger-coloured backs for their cell phones – variety is the spice of life to a Gemini.

Your CANCER pal is the person who looks after everyone else and their home is their castle. How about a new Atomizer for them to deliver beautiful homey scents within their home? Their astrological sign is connected to the Moon, therefore the colour for them would be cream or off-white.

Your LEO pal has to be the bell of the ball. Makeup is good any time for a Leo! Flashy earrings, toe-rings, and toenail polish all will make this Leo smile. Depending on how well you know this Leo pal, you may want to get her some sexy underwear. Because their astrological sign is connected to the Sun, get it in bright eye-catching yellow!

Your VIRGO pal wants to ensure they get plenty of detail for all they need to know. Why not buy them a journal already labelled with Why, When, Where, How, Why Not, How Soon, and What Happens If already stamped on each page? That way they can be sure to be ready for whatever is coming their way. It’s important for them to be ready whenever the opportunity arises. This astrological sign is also connected to the planet Mercury, so an earthy-brown journal with a leather-type feel works wonders.

Your LIBRA pal simply wants everyone to play nice and bring peace and harmony to all. Picking up soft melodious music that will even out the senses, will be a great gift for this Libra. Something soft and sensual to the senses will be greeted admirably. This Libra is connected to the planet Venus so bring in the softness of pink matching the heart chakra. A soft-jazz music offer with a calming bottle of wine hits the mark!

Your SCORPIO pal will be looking for something to stimulate the sex glands. An erotic novel would do just fine. Or if it’s your marriage partner, perhaps you’d like to pick up the kit called “365 days to wonderful sex”. The sign of Scorpio is connected to the planet Pluto bringing in the vibration of black. Whooo hoooo, a black negligee you say?

Your SAGITTARIUS pal wishes to be a world traveller. Give them the book called “Places to see before you die” and let them dream. Let them travel, if only in their mind. They are philosophical folks, as well, so a manual entitled “How things work and why” would allow them to spend hours musing over the happenings around them. They are connected to the planet Jupiter which brings in the colour hue of turquoise, a mixture of blue-green.

Your CAPRICORN pal is the business person among us all. Pen and paper for sketching and making notes will be an amazing help to them. Generally, they keep it all formulated in their heads before they put it all together. Give them a hint that writing it down will make it come together so much easier. There is a huge emotional connection between the ‘pen in hand’ travelling to the ‘vision of the eyes’ – they work so much better with pen and paper versus just computerized spreadsheets. Saturn, that planet of responsibility, rules Capricorn so they require clarity  – diamonds work!!

Your AQUARIUS pal may seem to be pretty far out there in their way of thinking. Electronics work wonders for these folks. It will keep them busy for days figuring out how it works, and then figuring out how to make it work for a totally different application. Let them play – they usually like to do it all on their own. An adult Lego set works wonders! Uranus is the planet ruling Aquarians so a deep blue is the vibration for them.

Your PISCES pal is the dreamer in the zodiac with dreams so vivid only they can understand. They love their sleep state as well, so warm cozy sheets work or a dream journal with a dream dictionary to sit by its side. Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, bringing in the colour purple. Cozy purple sheets would be so wonderful for them or a cozy purple bathrobe is just what is needed!

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