Moonstone: The Stone Of Hope And Goodwill


I’ve chosen Moonstone for the astrological sign of Cancer. Moonstone can be very balancing and reflective, and very much associates itself with the Moon, having somewhat of a Lunar type of energy. And we know that the astrological sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon.

Cancerians are very traditional and will always hold a piece of their heart for people they have loved. And yes, even though they are traditionalists, they also understand the need to end situations in life that no longer pertain to them. So, one can always turn to a Cancerian to help with the start of a new beginning. Do recognize that the Cancerian will also want to make you aware of why ending the old was so important for your well-being.

Cancer is a water sign, so Cancerians think with their ‘heart’ rather than their ‘head’. The milkiness of the stone shows that clouded vision sometimes forces one to step into one’s heart chakra. Moonstone brings flashes of insights, which are stimulated by the intuitive aura brought forth from this gemstone.

Cancer, a Water sign, is considered a ‘feminine’ vibration.

The Moonstone is used to do just that – bring forth our femininity and creativity found in the Solar Plexus chakra. But be aware that moonstone will not just clear the Solar Plexus, but all negativity from all chakras. This is done completely with loving compassion.

Holding the Moonstone allows our confidence to resume during difficult situations, as it teaches us that no situation is so difficult that we cannot find an answer. So, it sustains us during difficult times. In ancient times, it was referred to as “the traveler’s stone” as it protected one from the perils encountered on one’s journey. Even today, when a client asks what stone is best for the ‘fear of flying’, I always suggest Moonstone. It has a motherly (Cancerian) vibration, helping one feel a sense of safety.

We also connect Cancerian energy with the energy of Motherhood and Mothership. Often, to help with the ease of childbirth, I suggest the client hold a Moonstone during birth.

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