Ruby: The Stone of Nobility


As you can see from photos of Rubies, they are the primary carrier of the Red Ray energy. They are intense and have the enthusiasm of the astrological sign of Aries. Aries is the first fire sign of the Zodiac and so their fiery personality shines bright with a huge intensity. We can all get caught up in a project that is holding our attention. Ruby is somewhat the same – when someone is wearing a Ruby in a crowd, everybody notices!

Because of the intensity of Ruby, I often suggest only working with it a little bit at a time. When first wearing your new Ruby ring or necklace, you may find that you can only keep it on for a short time;  the intensity can simply be too overwhelming. Ruby asks, “Are you ready to work on the deepest part of yourself?” Ruby is going digging! If you feel a sense of being overwhelmed or even part of your body is itching, it’s important to remove Ruby from your presence. The gemstone is simply telling you that it’s had enough!

For some gemstones, the depth of color doesn’t matter but Ruby is one of those gemstones where you want to choose the deepest stone color. However, the size of the stone doesn’t matter – it’s the depth of color that matters. Ruby gemstones, even the size of a pea, can pack quite a powerful vibration.

Ruby amplifies love!

It teaches us that what we manifest, what we send out there… the gemstone Ruby will magnify it 10 times! And Ruby will burn up any negativity on its path to get what it wants. It will intensify all feelings! And it feels like Ruby just simply never runs out of energy. So for facilitating change within someone’s life, the energy store is very much present.

As I have mentioned with all red gemstones, do NOT wear them if you are already prone to high blood pressure. The intensity of the ‘red ray’ energy will increase heart rate and blood flow.

If you are constantly feeling like you are falling off your evolutionary life path and you are feeling stuck, Ruby may simply be your answer. Place your Ruby on the life path area of your body, located on your lower leg in the back just where the Achilles tendon meets the calf muscle. Hold it there for 10 minutes, if possible, and within the next couple of days you will feel yourself back on track and ready to move forward.

If you have already become very used to the vibrational energy of Ruby, I highly recommend you wear it into situations where you may feel you need a bit more support as it holds the highest red vibrational energy. And so it will provide you with courage, strength, stamina and desire.

I call it the ‘stone of nobility’ because, in centuries past, warriors would never think about going into battle without having some Ruby stone placed within the breastplate of their armour. A single Ruby will infuse its energy in a situation within 20-30 minutes!

If you wish to go direct to a point, Ruby is your answer. If you wish to dance around and be diplomatic about a situation, then I suggest you leave your Ruby tucked safely away at home. It’s a powerful stone – you have to question if you really want to play like that.

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